Hello Dark Web

Under the rug, secrets thrive. The dark web serves as a medium where dangerous lives. It feeds on your guilt.

If you never surf this part of the deep web, your experience will be surreal. With a VPN and Tor Browser, you are in. There are no links available directly so you have to look for it yourself like in The Hidden Wiki.

Anything you know is illegal is accessible in the dark web, hidden from the normal web. You have access to websites involving drug trafficking much like doing shopping in EBay, services like someone to do your dirty jobs, human trafficking or killing, and you have an infestation of lust videos and requests, disturbing enough to make you question whether this is the reality you are living in.

The dark web is legal but the activities you do may not be so do this at your own risk, please.

It’s too much for me imo, so i stay from doing the thing that kills.

It gets me it’s almost satisfying. You want surreal? Find out for yourself.

Again browse at your own risk, and do it the best way, legally.

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